Permission marketing and advertising tools:

Big data is no more a mystery!



Permission Marketing

Permission marketing and advertising is an approach to introduce goods and services in which a prospect explicitly agrees in advance to receive marketing information. Opt-in e-mail, where Internet users sign up in advance for information about certain product categories, is a good example of permission marketing.

Advocates of permission marketing argue that it is effective because the prospect is more receptive to a message that has been requested in advance and more cost-efficient because the prospect is already identified and targetted. In a world of information overload, automated telemarketing, and spam, most people welcome the idea of permission marketing.  



Direct Marketing & Advertising

We have an ongoing partnership with Europe’s largest holdings group to use their permission based database to market your services and products to a target population. Via SMS, telephone call or emails, we can clearly identify your potential customers.

What makes us different to other service providers like GSM operators is our ability to select respondents based on their recent purchases, thanks to our loyalty card system which now includes more than 15 million people and more than 20 merchant stores from supermarkets to fast food chains, car dealers to DIY stores.


Mass Emailing and Campaign Solutions 

We partner with Mailchimp, one of world’s largest mass emailing providers, to market their services in Europe to local clients.

With over 8 million customers around the world who are sending more than 600 million emails everyday, we are proud to share their enthusiasm, high technology solutions and effective campaign management tools.  

Easy and attractive design features are backed up with best in class security and spam-free technologies, which gives extensive analysis options for campaign impact measurement.


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