A unique solution for mystery shopping and customer experience studies, which brings in high quality field, technology and insights

Why do you need mystery shopping and experience studies?

Companies are strong as their loyalty customers. All studies show that the cost of acquiring new customers is always far more higher than retaining loyal customers. If this is the case, how do we measure customer satisfaction and loyalty? For sure, by observing their experience!

Mystery shopping studies give you this experience – right from your customers’ eyes!

Do you think service standards developed at the office could be applied at real life conditions? At a busy day, when your shop is visited by thousands, are your standards followed? Which of your employees are more careful, which haven’t internalized them? 

Mystery shopper studies give you the chance to evaluate all of your quality and customer service standards.

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales?  We are living in an environment where basket averages are more open to competitor attacks and profit margins are dropping everyday. We need cross sales or more effective stock conversions under this economical pressure. 

Targets you have set by using data tables and reports, could fail if they don’t have any resonance on field. Your sales opportunities could then be lost and you can fall behind competition. 

So, do your shop attendants present your new products passionately to your customers?  Can they offer the right mix of your portfolio?  This your chance to learn it! See-understand-convert through consumer’s eye.

What makes us different?  


We support our clients with high quality fieldwork, technology integrated data collection and reporting facilities.


mystery shopping dashboard

We take stakeholder management and loyalty studies seriously  

With our experienced research consultants and in-house recruitment facilites, we can provide fast, affordable and practical mystery shopper and customer experience studies for your customers.



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